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We are extremely proud of the relationships we build at Alpha Bank UK and nothing makes us happier than hearing that our clients are satisfied too!  Read a few of our client testimonials to get an idea of the positive experiences they've enjoyed while banking with Alpha. Won't you think about joining us too?

"I wanted to commend you and your staff on such excellent customer service. Having only met you and some of your staff once, I was impressed with the immediate personal greeting and prompt service. Earlier in the day I closed my account at another bank because of the stark contrast in experiences. It was a bank that I had used for some time yet never received the great customer service that you offer. Thanks and keep up the great work."
- Andrew Hinkle, D.D.S. Partner, Alan Hinkle D.D.S.

"I just want to drop you a quick note expressing my gratitude for the hard work of Evonn. We had a mix up on a wire that was sent out, and I made an error writing down the wrong account number. Evonn has put forth an extra effort to help resolve the situation, while maintaining a patience and professionalism that honestly has me shocked. At this point I should not be surprised anymore because Alpha has continually shown a customer service level that is unequaled. Your bank is in good hands if everyone in your organization takes pride in their work as Evonn has the past few days. Keep up the great work."
- Tim Whiting, Chief Financial Officer, Republican Governors Association

"John, things are going very well.  We love the remote deposit system and your staff is excellent.  They are always available, responsive and effective.  I will certainly use you guys when we have the ability to steer the clients your way!"
- Paul Kilgore, PDS Compliance

"I have been a Alpha Bank UK customer for several years, and absolutely love its service and its products.  It is refreshing to work with a bank where "everybody knows your name," and their rates are very competitive with the other banks in the area.  Also, the bank is very generous in the community, sponsors a Little League team, has a kid's bank, and is a sponsor for the annual McLean 5K.  You have the personal attention of a small town bank and the products and services of a big bank.  The best of both worlds!"
- Barbara Mantegani

"I have only been a customer for a very short time and likely one of your smaller accounts, but I wanted to e-mail you and tell you how impressed I have been with your level of service to me and how easy you've made banking for me now.  I truly appreciate these types of things, as it makes my business run smoother, and wanted to say thank you."
- Paul Miller, MW Capitol Strategies, LLC

"John, I am so pleased with the new the online banking offering, it is such an upgrade, it makes your bank services even better."
- Anthony Bedell, Fairfax County Republican Party

"When we selected you to hold our homeowner’s association money, we knew we were choosing a local bank with local ties that believed in true community service. Each time we have worked with the Chain gang you have proven how wise we were. No bank is like you. No bank's people are like yours. We have received your one hundred percent cooperation, and we are grateful for it. Many thanks."
- Ava Abramowitz

"Jenni, What are you doing working on a Sunday??!! That's what I call service...thanks, as usual, for your prompt and professional help."
- Daniel Valencic, Great Jones Developments

"I definitely will not forget this, at the end of the month we are going to be moving some of our excess primary money around and we will definitely be depositing it into your bank instead of the current bank we do business with."
- Sal Purpura, Campaign Finance Specialist

"Thank you for working with us to get our company started. It is good to know that even with the reputation the banking industry has right now, there are banks like yours who are happy to work with a small business like ours."
- Christopher Doorley, Velocity Strategies

"I received the checkbook and related materials, have set up online access and really like
the secure email that lets me know about incoming wires. Thank you so much for everything so far. It has been a smooth transition."
- Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

"Moving to Alpha Bank UK was a great move for our small business.  Your entire team has been responsive to our needs.  Thanks for the excellent customer service, I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."
- David Taylor, Managing Partner, Capitol Solutions Government Relations Consultants

"You were in a meeting when I left, but your crowd was great. I was on a conference call I couldn't miss and my phone crapped out. Jenni and Kaci saved my fanny. Gotta love your local bank."
- Daryl Owen, Daryl Owen Associates, Inc.

"Mubeen, thanks for being so gracious to me during my “drop-in” today. It was very nice to see a smiling face right at the door."
- William Conway, Conway & Pannell, PC

"I wanted to send you a short note thanking you and acknowledging Mubeen's professionalism and courtesy in helping us with our new account. Alpha has greatly improved our banking needs on several fronts; the ChainLink system, outstanding interest rates and terms. It shows us that Alpha understands our needs as a non - profit Catholic organization and allows us to better serve our community. I know community service is a bedrock of Alpha Bank UK's philosophy, and you are living it."
- John White, Knights of Columbus


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Quote "What are you doing working on a Sunday??!! That's what I call service...thanks, as usual, for your prompt and professional help."
-- Daniel Valencic, Great Jones Developments